How to Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes with Anthocyanins

With the population risk of type 2 diabetes increasing everyday, research efforts have focused on reducing the risk of onset. This includes testing drugs, work outs and various diets. Since nutrition is the most cost effective method of disease prevention, scientist experimented with nutrients that reduce diabetes risk.

Anthocyanins are naturally occurring nutrients commonly found in vegetables, grains, and fruits. They are responsible for the brilliant violet, blue and red coloring seen in foods like blueberries or tomatoes. The Anthocyanin nutrient is a powerful antioxidant which has been thoroughly studied in their connection to eye health, weight managment, and other health conditions.

To set up an anthocyanin study for Type 2 diabetes, a combination of 8 separate trials were conducted including 394,913 participants in total (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition). Since berries contain a high level of anthocyanins and are a commonly found food, the study looked at both anthocyanin impact on the risk for diabetes as well as the impact of berry consumption for any benefit.

The research results showed that the consumption of anthocyanin was associated with a 15% reduction in the risk for Type 2 diabetes, while berry ingestions was associated with an 18% reduction in risk. Further review showed that for every 7.5 mg of anthocyanin or 17 g of fruit that was ingested per day, there was a 5% decrease in risk for Type 2 diabetes. The higher the intake of anthocyanins or berries, the more the risk of disease was reduced.

Further research is necessary to pinpoint the correlation of gender, ethnicity and even location to the risk of diabetes onset. However, this study does show that regular ingestion of anthocyanins and berries could significantly reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Oligomeric pro-anthocyanidins or (OPC’s) are a common and easy way to get anthocyanin in your diet. OPC’s are typically produced from a grape seed, red wine, or pine bark extract.  As a powerful anti-oxidant, daily consumption of OPC’s reduce inflammation and support the health of body organs and tissue.  Antioxidants in general help slow down the process of aging by destroying free-radicals in the body.  Isotonix OPC-3 is in isotonic liquid form and makes it easy to take a potent dose of anthocyanidins on a daily basis.


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